It is not good to be alone
I saw you yesterday, you were on the telephone
You said your aunt had passed away
And you fell in your mothers arms when you went home

It's this picture I have seen
We're on a sloping hill of green
And you are walking there beside me
Don’t forget what you’ve forgotten

You cannot do this on your own
Feels like yesterday, you were singing all alone
I wrote a song for you today
It sounds...

There’s something bigger than this life
I thought I’d captured it on a tape one time
But it was just your voice singing with mine
And we dubbed over it to record a second time

And in trying to live an honest life
I find a lie almost every time
But I can build a prayer into a life
And now yours is saved and so is mine

You picked up my guitar and tried to sing
Your fingers trembling on the strings
Why don’t you do the damn thing?

There is no shame in letting go
I used to be afraid, now I’m both
I’m only naked when I wear your clothes

I just wanna be a good person, trynna live my life for you


i will carry you over my shoulder
don’t let no one define you
when you bury your face in your arms
do you dream about leaving your life behind?

how’s your family? how’s gabby, how’s mika?
and migs, are they listening with you?
i might never see your house again
it feels strange just to say it out loud

i will carry you into your room
i have known you since you were a child
even though we had no way of knowing
how much we’d share one life

i will carry you into the river
we will sing three-part harmony
if you sing with me, but no one hears us
we’ll both have one memory

i’m afraid of my own disposition
you just want life to begin again
but we both know that life only begins when you know how to suffer it

i will learn how to speak in your language
we can tell jokes in secret
i’d’ve written a song for you maybe
if only we’d had more time

i will carry you under my weakness
will you keep me from dying?
i will care for you, bowed in defeat
if you’re with me, my sister in Christ


You took a picture of my body
You flashed a light, now I can’t see
Sometimes I wake up in a panic
Sometimes I don’t know how to breathe

I had a dream you stole my body
You stood outside of everything
Potential wilderness surrounds you
You’ll live forever in that dream

You are the Queen of San Francisco
You are the King of everything
You’re always on the verge of laughing
At something I can’t even see

And I’m made of gold
I never know when you’re lying

When you let me go out in your jacket
Somehow I felt like I was free
Nobody saw us, we just went walking
Wearing your clothes, I felt like me

I can’t stop thinking about your sadness
I want to hide it in a cave
But you’re so adventurous, you’d go find it
I know that I can’t keep you safe

When you went missing, I didn’t call you
Can you forgive me?
Your camera showed me how to care for
All the things it lets us see


Everything is beautiful
But you don’t like to speak in absolutes
But if you needed proof, just look around you
There’s a silent garden growing in your bedroom

Everything is terrifying
I’m afraid of things that can’t be true
But where does that leave you? I hold you tight, but there’s a man standing outside waiting to hurt you

Everything is difficult
We argue when there’s nothing else to do
That’s why we never really argue—if you cook for me tonight, tomorrow night I’ll cook for you

Everything’s expensive now
I mean how much could a house cost if it’s used?
So what can two kids lose?
Would you go 50/50 with me on a stock or two?

Everything is empathy
I once heard someone sing, “building a ladder of love to you
And I hope you build one too”
And I’ll meet you on the roof

Everything is desideria
The blue of distance folds me into you
But it blindfolds me too
Cause when you can’t see me, it’s not because I’m far away, it’s cause I’m too close to you

Everything is effortless
I wrote this song and barely even moved
But that’s just what I do for you
And you listen with such patience, I’m inclined to listen too

Everything’s didactic
If you ask me, probably this song is too
Why don’t you tell me something new?
There is a lesson in the question in the answer to the truth

Everything is binary
It’s either or it’s neither, you can choose
And I’m scared of what you’ll do
Cause I told the truth and you have my secrets now or do my secrets have you?

Everything is arbitrary
Promises and obligations too
There is only me and you—and you inside of me inside this life and me inside of you

Everything is everything
I’d wasted my whole life away till I met you
Now nothing’s nothing too, and something tells me that you’ll tell me something’s coming someday soon

Everything is hopeless
So do the only sacred thing and tell the truth
And I’ll hold onto you; cause when I’m walking in the night, I feel His holy warming light, I’ve got my elevator pitch, I’ve got my sense of wrong and right; I hold you tight but there’s something in it for me, what’s in it for you?

I want to never hurt you